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RaeComM Software

RaeComM software connects a Signal Monitor to a Windows based personal computer (PC) and gives a signal technician the capability to retrieve, display, store, and print real-time status and historical data from the RENO MMU-1600D, MMU-1600DE, MMU2-1600G, MMU2-1600GE, 2018 and 2018E Signal Monitors.

With the advanced capabilities of these RENO monitors, including full RMS voltage reporting and event logging, a wealth of information is stored in the signal monitor that can assist the technician in diagnosing and documenting a cabinet equipment problem.

Signal technicians have come to rely on the data retrieved from EDI monitors using ECcom software as much as they do their voltmeter and screw driver. It’s like having a 48+ channel voltmeter connected to the cabinet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Real-time status displays true RMS voltages for all field terminal inputs and cabinet control signals. Fault status and time and date are presented as well.

Historical event logs show time-stamped records of the signal status, AC Line events, reset events, and configuration programming changes. Events are also sorted chronologically.

A Signal Sequence History log can be displayed which shows in graphical format all signal states for up to 30 seconds prior to the current fault with 50 millisecond resolution.

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