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Eberle Design is committed to a continuous program of research and development to support a complete offering of traffic signal cabinet auxiliary equipment. It is this program that has led to the development of a complete line of NEMA TS-1 and TS-2, 170/2070 and ATC/ITS type signal monitors, inductive loop detectors, isolators, power supplies, load switches, and flashers.

Signal Monitors

SmartMonitor®(MMU2), NEMA Flashing Yellow Arrow, OLED, Dip Switch, with or without Ethernet, USB Ports for Remote or Local Communication, Datakey memory device, ATCC CMU & more.

Loop Detectors

Rack or shelf mount, bicycle detection, DIP switched, LCDs, data collection, vehicle counting & more.

Power Supplies

Rack or shelf mount, cabinet power supplies, LED & LCD, NEMA TS1, TS2, ATC 19-inch & more.

Auxiliary Devices

BIU, DC isolators & more.


Software with capabilities to retrieve, display, store and print real-time status and historical data.

Load Switches & Flashers

Flashers, flash transfer relays, load switches & more.


Brackets, harnesses, interface modules, loop finders, motherboards, socket bases & more.

Prefabricated Loops & Wires

Our superior prefabricated loop products are the world’s leading manufactured loops for mission-critical intersection safety and vehicle detection devices in traffic, AVI, rail and access control applications.