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For Signal Monitor Repair / Recertification please refer to the Recertification Program.

The EDI Signal Monitor Recertification and Repair Program provides a factory process to help ensure safe monitor operation and reduce agency liability risk with factory level Signal Monitor maintenance. Eberle Design is pleased to provide two levels of services for signal monitors. Both services provide Hardware Updates, Firmware Updates, Repairs, Factory Test Report, and a New Factory Warranty Label.

  1. If the EDI Signal Monitor is less than 12 years old, the signal monitor is Recertified and is given a new 2-Year Factory Warranty and a Certificate of Recertification. Signal Monitors under the Recertification Program may be returned in the second year for testing on an industry-standard automatic monitor tester, including a printed report for a nominal fee.
  2. If the EDI Signal Monitor is more than 12 years old and less than 18 years old, the signal monitor is Recertified and is given a 90 day Factory Warranty.
  3. If the EDI signal monitor is older than 18 years from date of manufacture, it is considered obsolete and will not be processed. The obsolete monitor will be recycled free-of-charge or shipped back to the agency/distributor at their expense.

Traffic signal cabinets have to continuously operate in harsh environments that subject electronics to a constant onslaught of heat, cold moisture, insects, power surges, and other unforgiving conditions. The Signal Monitors manufactured by EDI are designed to withstand these operational and environmental extremes. To make certain these devices operate properly when conditions demand, all Signal Monitors should be thoroughly tested each year. This Recertification and Repair program helps establish effective and proactive factory maintenance records in today’s litigious world. The program has been developed to help agencies quickly, easily, and cost effectively perform this firmware updating, testing, repair and certification task.

All signal monitors returned for recertification or repair will be subjected to rigorous factory testing in accordance with our Total Quality Assurance (TQA) and ISO 9001:2015 programs on a rapid turnaround basis in order to get units back into service quickly.

The Signal Monitor Recertification and Repair Program consists of:

  • Installation of all applicable firmware and hardware updates
  • Complete technical bench test
  • Repair any hidden issues or components that might have been damaged in the field
  • High temperature burn-in and a functional test at maximum rated temperature
  • Final test with an industry-standard automatic monitor tester that includes a printed report
  • Resetting the monitor to factory default settings and clearing internal memory logs
  • New 2-year or 90-day factory warranty from the date of recertification or repair, depending on the age of monitor
  • Factory return shipping

The Process

  1.    Contact your local EDI distributor for a return authorization number.
  2.    If you don’t know who your EDI distributor is, contact the EDI Sales Department and we will refer you to one in your area.

Telephone:   +1.480.968.6407

For more information on Signal Monitor Recertification and Repair and how EDI can tailor a program for your agency, please contact your EDI distributor or the EDI Sales Department.

To download our Repair, Warranty or Credit Card Authorization forms please refer to the Component Repair


Component Repair

For all other EDI components the Repair process is as follows:

  • Eberle Design requires a Return Material Authorization (RMA) before sending any product back for service.
  • To avoid potential delays be sure to include all contact information, any relevant test reports and/or failure descriptions.

Once you receive an RMA number please send the units directly to:

Eberle Design Inc.
1497 CR 2178
Greenville, TX 75402

Repair Statement

In order to keep pace with aging equipment, parts obsolescence, and to provide the highest level of service to our customers, EDI has changed our repair policy. Effective immediately, our new policy places limits on the age of equipment that can be tested and repaired. 

Repair Form

Warranty Statement

Eberle Design Inc. (EDI) warrants all Eberle Design Inc. (EDI) and Reno (RAE) equipment to be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of two (2) years from date of manufacture. We no longer use “Run Time” as a warranty metric.



Repair Charges

EDI can accept a Purchase Order or VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express credit cards. A Purchase Order should be sent to For Credit Card charges please use this Authorization form, or charge-authorization via telephone.

Credit Card Authorization Form