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MMU2-1600GE Monitor

The MMU2-1600GE can be programmed for eight phase, dual ring operations by answering a series of questions presented by the monitor. The Wizard can setup the 8 Flashing Yellow Arrow Types (A-H) defined by the NEMA Amendment 4-2012. The Wizard can set up 8 additional Flashing Yellow Arrow Types (I-P). The Wizard will set the proper configurations and check the program card jumpers for any configuration issues.

Selecting the EASY FYA PROGRAMMING minimizes adding jumpers to the program card. The MMU2-1600GE has a two year warranty based on the time powered up or five years from the date of manufacture. Warranty will not expire while the unit is on the shelf.



  • SP1 USA: American Firmware
  • SP1 CAN: Canadian Firmware