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CMUip-2212 Series

The EDI CMUip-2212 Cabinet Monitor Unit for the Advanced Transportation Controller (ATC) Cabinet is a compact and modular cabinet malfunction management system.

The CMUip-2212 functions as the main cabinet fault monitoring component. It offers the broadest fault coverage of any monitoring system and incorporates full event logging and status reporting, providing the signal technician with powerful monitoring and trouble-shooting tools to ensure that cabinet malfunctions are detected, diagnosed, and repaired with confidence.

The CMUip-2212 is designed to operate directly with the Model 2202 iPack® high density switch packs. Load current monitoring is built-in for each RYG output resulting in a new level of intersection safety and diagnostic performance.

  • CMUip-2212-HV: 32 channel capability with Ethernet for 120 Vac cabinets
  • CMUip-2212-LV: 32 channel capability with Ethernet for 48 Vdc cabinets
  • CMUip-2212-VHV: 32 channel capability with Ethernet for 220 Vac cabinets

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