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iPack Series

The iPack® series Intelligent Switch Pack for the Advanced Transportation Controller Cabinet (ATCC) v2 takes load switch and flasher technology to the next level. The HDSP units provide a high density dual channel design that is capable of driving ultra low current LED signals via highly efficient FET output circuits. Built in voltage and load current monitoring data is reported serially to the CMU-2212 monitor unit.

This product family is available in 120 VAC (HV), 220 VAC (VHV), and 48 VDC (LV) versions:

  • Model 2202-HV: High Density Universal Switch Pack / Flasher, 120 Vac
  • Model 2202-LV: High Density UniversalSwitch Pack / Flasher, 48 Vdc
  • Model 2202-VHV: High Density UniversalSwitch Pack / Flasher, 220 Vac