LW-116-S #16 AWG Loop Wire, Two Jackets

Model LW-418 is a double jacketed, four conductor cable with four #20 AWG conductors. Used for manufacturing the PLH and PLC Preformed Loops. Wire insulation and cable jackets are constructed with the optimal thickness of Cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE) necessary to ensure a long, trouble free life. XLPE insulation provides excellent thermal, electrical, and physical properties.

Our loop wire is recognized for its outstanding resistance to abrasion, moisture, and chemicals and will withstand temperatures up to 426° Fahrenheit (219° Celsius).


Model LW-116 – Part Number / Insulation Color

  • 381-1600-01: Orange
  • 381-1600-20: Red
  • 381-1600-60: Blue

Model LW-116-P – Part Number / Color

  • 381-1603-00: Orange
  • 381-1603-20: Red
  • 381-1603-60: Blue

Model LW-116-S – Part Number / Color

  • 381-1603-01: Orange