L-1200 Series Vehicle Detector

The Model L-1200 series consists of detectors designed to meet or exceed NEMA Standards TS 1-1989.

The L-1200 detector is a single channel, shelf mount type loop detector with detect and loop fail indications provided via a high intensity red LED and an easy to read LCD screen.

All detector settings and parameters are configured using a set of three pushbuttons and the LCD screen.


  • Cabinet Type
    • 1200: Standard
    • 1201: True Count
  • Input Power
    • Blank: 120VAC
    • 12D: 12VDC
    • 240A: 240VAC
    • 24A: 24VAC
    • 24D: 24VDC
  • Output Type
    • R: Relay
    • SS: Solid State