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DL-ATG (Anti-Tailgating, Directional Logic)

The Model DL-ATG is a two channel, shelf mount type, inductive loop vehicle detector with separate directional AB and BA counters. The detector is designed to accurately count passenger vehicles, including tailgating vehicles, and identify their direction of travel over two small inductive loops. Standard loop detectors stop counting vehicles when metal objects are placed in the loop area. The Model DL-ATG ignores extraneous metal objects placed in the loop.

This detector has been specifically designed and tested to count and detect standard passenger vehicles. Commercial vehicles or vehicles towing trailers may not be accurately counted.
  • Number of Lanes
    • 1 : 1 lane
    • 2 : 2 lanes
  • Input Power
    • DL-ATG-1: 120VAC, 1 Lane
    • DL-ATG-1-RM: Rack Mount, 120VAC, 1 Lane
    • DL-ATG-2: 120VAC, 2 Lanes