2010ECL & 2010ECLip

The model 2010ECL is configured for operation with a 2070 Controller Unit in a 332 cabinet. It provides all the enhanced features of the ECL family, including broad fault coverage, full intersection display, advanced event logging and RMS voltage reporting. The 2010ECL series monitor is compatible with 170, 179 and 2070 Controller Units. This unit includes support for three modes of Flashing Yellow Arrow (FYA) operation.

An optional Ethernet port is used to communicate with a Personal Computer or Traffic Management Center using field proven EDI ECcom software. Monitor status, event logs, and five Signal Sequence History logs are stored in nonvolatile memory for diagnostic and archival purposes.

  • 2010ECLip: 16 channel with Ethernet Port
  • 2010ECL: 16 channel with EIA-232 Port

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