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RR-216 Ruggedized Two Conductor Cable

The RR-218 is a triple jacketed, two conductor lead-in cable for direct burial in gravel or other abrasive roadway bases. Also used in Reno A&E’s PLH-R Preformed Loops. Buried beneath dirt or gravel, the model RR-216 triple jacket resists abrasion caused by the passage of heavy vehicles.

We offer a complete range of loop wire and lead-in cable for use in virtually any application that requires fabricating an inductive loop. Wire insulation and cable jackets are constructed with the optimal thickness of Cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE) necessary to ensure a long, trouble free life.


Part Number / Color

  • 380-0402-00 / Outer Jacket: red
  • Middle and Inner Jackets: orange;
  • Wire Insulation: black, white