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P-1400 Backlit LCD Detector

The P-1400 is an inductive loop processor developed to provide detection of railway equipment in small and large detection areas typically required for yard switch, interlocking, and moveable bridge occupancy detection. Switch protection can be configured to prevent sideswipe movements typically encountered in classification yards and certain flat switching operations.

The P-1400 processor is designed to directly replace older technology processors that mount in ground level enclosures. Current state-of-the-art, digital loop processing technology, combined with railroad standard vital monitoring techniques and a unique self-check function provide consistent and reliable detection.

In addition, expanded user selectable features provide flexibility in set up, operation, and performance of the processor. The P-1400 has four loop inputs, four check loop inputs (used to simulate a detection), and one vital input, which can be programmed to control two vital outputs.

***Specify Firmware Version when Ordering.***