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C-1101-B / C-1201-B Series

The Model C-1100-B and C-1200-B are designed to detect all vehicles with the added ability of differentiating bicycles from all other vehicles.

This allows the traffic engineer to detect and provide safe passage time for bicycles without compromising the intersection’s operating efficiency.

The unique capability to identify bicycles from other vehicles allows the user to program initial time and extension time for bicycles only, thus providing a safe passage time through the intersection. When a bicycle is detected passing through the bicycle loop (see next page for recommended bicycle loop geometries) the channel’s output is latched in the call state.


  • Cabinet Type
    • 1100 : Caltrans 170/332
    • 1200 : NEMA TS2
  • Output Type
    • [DISCONTINUED] R : Relay
    • SS : Solid State