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BIU/2 (half-width faceplate)

The BIU/2 is a rack module that interfaces 24 V logic I/O signals to the SDLC serial bus of TS2 cabinets. All TS2 Type 1 cabinets and TS2 Type 2 cabinets require a BIU when controller I/O is via the SDLC bus instead of connectors via A, B, and C. A 64-pin, male, DIN 41612 type B series connector provides the connection to the rack backplane. A 15-pin, female, metal shell, D-subminiature connector with latching blocks provides the connection to the SDLC cable.

The front panel has separate LED indicator lights for Power, Transmit, and Receive. It also has a handle to facilitate removal of the unit from the rack. A separate TS2 cabinet power supply provides the required 24 VDC power plus a 60 Hz line timing reference.

The only difference between the Reno A&E Model BIU/2 and a standard BIU is that the face plate is half the width, allowing for a more compact installation.

The BIU/2 is designed in full compliance with all applicable sections of the NEMA TS2-2003 Standard. Since the BIU function is fully specified by the TS2 Standard, the BIU/2 can be used in any TS2 cabinet built by any manufacturer.