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[DISCONTINUED] AX2DL (Directional Logic)

The Model AX2DL is a full featured, dual channel, dual output (one per channel) vehicle detector with directional logic.

All detector functions and settings are easy to configure by using two sets of six external DIP switches.
Click here to see how the AX2DL detector works.

Input Power

  • 3: 120 VAC
  • 4: 10-35V AC/DC
  • 8: 240 VAC
  • -S: Fail Secure Version


  • 1C: Single 11-pin
  • 2C: Dual 11-pin

On Failure

  • Blank: Fail-Safe
  • S: Fail-Secure

Relay Contacts

  • (NC): Normally Closed
  • (NO): Normally Open