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CMU-212 Series

The EDI CMU-212 Cabinet Monitor Unit is intended to operate with the AMU-214 Auxiliary Monitor Unit to form a compact and modular cabinet malfunction management system for the ITS Cabinet v1. The CMU-212 functions as the main cabinet fault monitoring component.

It offers the broadest fault coverage of any monitoring system and incorporates full event logging and status reporting, providing the signal technician with powerful monitoring and trouble-shooting tools to ensure that cabinet malfunctions are detected, diagnosed, and repaired with confidence.

The CMU-212 meets all requirements of the ASHTO/ITE/NEMA Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Standard Specification for Roadside Cabinets Version 01.02.17b.

  • CMUip-212: 32 channel with Ethernet Port
  • CMU-212: 32 channel with EIA-232 Port

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