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International Road Federation Presents Global Road Achievement Award to Eberle Design, Inc.

Eberle Design, Inc. has been recognized with an International Road Federation (IRF) Global Road Achievement Award for its Intelligent Cabinet Interface to Traffic Equipment (iCITE®) suite of products – the iCITE® Data Aggregator. The iCITE® Data Aggregator was awarded for excellence in the category of Traffic Management and Intelligent Transportation Systems.

“The iCITE® Data Aggregator platform provides cities, counties and state traffic management agencies with the ability to affordably connect and retrieve real-time traffic data from isolated or non-interconnected intersections,” said Dr. Bill Sowell, EDI Vice President and Leadership Council Member.

The IRF Global Road Achievement Awards is a one-of-a kind worldwide competition to recognize innovative projects and exemplary people that place the road industry at the forefront of worldwide social and economic development. Launched in 2000, the Global Road Achievement Awards have distinguished more than 120 programs, projects and products from around the world.

Bill Russell, EDI President and CEO Emeritus, and Dr. Bill Sowell accepted the award on the company’s behalf during a special ceremony before a global audience of ministers, highway agency directors and dignitaries at the IRF’s Road2Tunnel Conference & Expo in Las Vegas.

The iCITE® Data Aggregator communications and data rich hardware platform is the first system capable of accessing real-time intersection and arterial traffic data from any traffic cabinet, via high-speed internal or external communications devices, regardless of the traffic controller or central traffic management system. The hardware and on-board communications module of the various iCITE® Data Aggregator models easily interface with all NEMA, Type 170/2070, ITS, ATC and international traffic cabinets.