SIU FrontPanel Download

SIU FrontPanel Software
Version 2.4.2 for Windows** XP, Windows 7-10

The current version of the software can be downloaded from this site. The file “SIU_FP.exe” is a self extracting Zip file which contains all files required to install and run SIU FrontPanel. If this is an upgrade from a previous version of SIU FrontPanel, the older version should be uninstalled first. For installation, follow the instructions of the setup Wizard.

Choose a download file type:

The file below is an automatic self extracting ZIP file. Click on the link and select the “Open the File” or “Run” option, and the program should download and extract directly to the install program. Follow the instructions of the Install Wizard.
The file below is a standard ZIP file. After manual extraction to a temporary directory run the “Setup.exe” program.

**The latest Windows Service Pack needs to be installed before attempting an SIU FrontPanel installation.