The iCITE® Data Aggregator Model DA-400® provides cost effective remote access to real-time performance measures and traffic data from any isolated or networked intersection or arterial roadway. It easily interfaces with any make or model of traffic cabinet or controller (NEMA, ATCC, or Type 33X), to provide real-time traffic counts and parsed data which can be used to derive a variety of Data Analytics which may include Levels of Service, Volume/Occupancy, Arrivals On Red, and High Density Detector Data.

In cooperation with any iCITE Ready® data analytics partner, the DA-400® can provide turning movement counts, amber/red actuations, arrivals on red, detector failures, preemption details, communications and power failures/alerts, split and interval timing data, and the Purdue Coordination Diagram, based upon high resolution data, all tailored to provide automated traffic signal performance measures via a Cloud-based user-friendly interface. The DA-400® is ATSPM Ready®.

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