Data Aggregator DA-300® provides cost effective remote access to realtime traffic data from any isolated or networked intersection or arterial roadway. Easily interfaces with any make or model of traffic cabinet or controller, (NEMA, ATC or Type 170/2070). Has the ability to monitor SPaT (Signal Phase and Timing), messages from any SPaT enabled traffic controller. Provides queue length, traffic counts, split monitor timing and signal phase termination. Through an approved iCITE® Ready data analytics partner, the DA-300® can provide a myriad of Performance Measures data for Origin-Destination studies, Measures of Effectiveness, Level of Service, and the Purdue High Density data set for traffic signal optimization. Wi-Fi equipped and travel time ready.

The DA-300® will be provided by select preferred suppliers in several areas in the US. Please call our sales department to determine the preferred supplier in your area.