The MMU-16LE SmartMonitor® series Malfunction Management Unit (MMU) exceeds all the requirements set forth in the NEMA Standard TS2-2003, Part 4. The model MMU-16LE includes two large area Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) for a continuous Full Intersection display. A separate graphical LCD provides a menu driven interface to status, signal voltages, configuration, event logs, and the integrated context sensitive Help System. The built-in Setup Wizard ensures that the enhanced monitor programming is done quickly and accurately, even by a novice. The industry first Diagnostic Wizard automatically pinpoints malfunctioning signals and offers trouble shooting advice.

NOTE: The MMU-16LE series is no longer in production. It is functionally equivalent to the MMU2-16LE series but only provided four legacy modes of Flashing Yellow Arrow support. The MMU2-16LE series is recommended for new procurements unless direct backwards FYA programming compatibility with the MMU-16LE is required.

  • MMU-16LEip: 12/16 channel with Ethernet Port
  • MMU-16LE: 12/16 channel with EIA-232 Port
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