Upgrade to the Advanced Transportation Controller Cabinet

Eberle Design Inc. is at the forefront of the industry’s development of the Advanced Traffic Controller (ATC) Cabinet – bringing the traffic cabinet of the future into the market today. Why should the ATC Cabinet be part of your future plans? It offers significant improvements to conventional cabinets in modularity and compact size, motorist safety, technician safety and diagnostics. It is intended to update or replace all cabinet types: NEMA TS-1, NEMA TS-2, Caltrans 33x, and ITS Cabinet v1. The ATC Cabinet offers the best of both worlds – it combines existing standards and the latest technological advancements to increase cabinet reliability, functionality, and ease of maintenance.

In partnership with multiple OEM controller and cabinet manufacturers, EDI designs and produces all plug-in components for the ATC Cabinet. For agencies wishing to upgrade their systems to the ATC Cabinet, please contact Jon Muilenberg, EDI Sales Manager. Learn more about our ATC Cabinet and components.